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Hydraion: In praise of water, 2019

A sound performance for ANIMART FESTVAL June 22-3, 2019. Lazaros Koundouriotis Historical Mansion, Hydra, Greece. View poster. Read. Look. Listen. (A plea for international water care, Water Dreaming)

Echoes of prespes concert and exhibition .png

Echoes of Prespes, 2019

Group exhibition from International Encounters Walking Bodies, Byzantine Museum, Agios Germanos. Outdoor concert, For International Encounters Walking Bodies Festival. Conference Hall, Municipality of Prespes, Laimos. Read program

Borderless I: Fish & Borderless II: Goats, 2019

Interspecies Sound Walkshops in Byzantine Ruins: from the point of view of fish and goats. International Encounters, Walking Bodies Festival, Prespes, North Greece, 2019. Watch. Read. Curated by Yiannis Ziogas Professor of Fine Arts, University of Florina, and Geert Vermeire Made of Walking.


Human Aquarium, 2019

Collaborative work with Vicki Hallett and Jem Savage, commissioned by Geelong After Dark Festival 2019. Six channel underwater sound environment designed for an outdoor multi-sensory portal in Johnston’s Park, City of Geelong, Victoria. Watch

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Freshwater Listening, 2018

A national two day event in regional Victoria celebrating freshwater care and 20 years of acoustic ecology in Australia. Read article. Watch.


Rodi (pomegranate), 2018

Amplified found objects with live electronics, ancient Greek text, live camera and video mix by Brigid Burke, small percussion Nat Grant, Loop Bar, Melbourne. More about Rodi. Read article. Watch


Raptor, RMIT Chaos and Order Exhibition, 2018

Surround sound multi channel work on the flight route of an eagle in Arizona. Commissioned by University of Arizona/RMIT International Sound Art Collection, Melbourne. Listen

Ros Bandt- sounding spaces Under the sacred Oak,  1st Dodoni Festival performance 2017. Photo credit, Konstantinos :Ministry of Culture_MG_3962 copy.jpg

From the Sacred Oak, 2017

First festival of Dodoni 31 July 2017, commissioned performance interpreting the sacred oak, first ancient oracle site in Greece, in collaboration with Ancient Greek scholar Arthur McDevitt. Listen “Sappho”


From the Sacred Castalian Spring, 2017

Performance by Ros Bandt with John Drummond, divining their hydrophone recording of the sacred spring in the Delphi soundscape. Watch. Read article


A Sonic Metamorphosis: The Tortoise and the Spider , 2017

An ancient ritual performance created collaboratively with Made of Walking and friends at Sikelianos Amphitheatre to Parnassos, Delphi, Greece. Watch


Listening through the walls, 2016

The collaborative installation in the Sabbionara Gate, Hania, Crete, combines sound recordings, sonic notations, photographs and historical information, from the walls of the old city and the spaces in between. Read article. Listen. Watch


Floating Glass, 2013

Installation/performance of interactive glass sculptures in the air and underwater at Library Arts Space, Melbourne. Read article

Watch video 1. Watch video 2


Hearing Jaara Jaara, 2013

A digital acoustic sanctuary of Jaara Jaara box ironbark woodlands, North Central Victoria, Australia.

7 aboriginal season yearly audiovisual calendar

Read article. Watch


Kami: Sonic Blue Red Tracings, 2011

Collaborative work with Johannes S. Sistermanns, developed in Wakayama, Japan. Toured in Switzerland and Germany. Read more. Read article 1. Read article 2. Watch.


Blue Gold, 2011

The title work Blue gold, an electroacoustic work for cello and clarinets, sculptures, digital colour field and moving imagery, investigates the delicate balance between wet and dry, symbolised in the colours of the title. Read article. Watch


Yerebatan, 2010

Tarhu and harp improvisation with Natalia Mann. Medusa dreaming, Site specific electroacoustic symphony designed for Yerebatan underground cistern, Istanbul, Turkey. Listen


Isobue, 2007/2008

Finding the Japanese sea whistle of Ama abalone divers in Sugashima Island. ABC audio arts residency. Radiophonic work Waiting for the Tide. Instrumental music Sea Folk Voices, Shima eight haiku for Kumi and sound installation, Iso Nageki (Sea Lament). Link. Read


Stack, 2001

Site specific radiophonic work interpreting a fifty-five metre chimney stack designed to extract fumes from the new CITYLINK tunnel in the heart of Melbourne's underground. Watch. Read more. Listen. Read article


A Sonic Archaeology Mungo, 1992 (Sound Art Australia Prize)

Original Aeolian harps installed at the ancient dried salt lake Mungo, New South Wales, Australia. Read article. Listen. View score


Improvisations in Acoustic Chambers, 1979

Sonic investigation of concrete water tank in Kardella, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. Recorded in a concrete water tank and a wheat silo using a binaural dummy-head microphone and a Nagra tape recorder with no editing or production effects. Listen. Read more